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TMM TC19 Playoffs 1st Playday

TMM TC19 Playoffs 1st Playday - 24th March 2019

Groupstage of the 'Trackmania Masters TC19' is finished and all three THE teams are heading into the Playoffs while 'THE blue and orange' will be competing in the 'Champions Bracket' due to their top5 and top8 finishes in the GroupB ,'THE pink' will compete in the 'Challenger Bracket'.

Starting off with the Winner Bracket Matches this time.

'THE blue' was facing the team of 'insects' and it was looking to be a head to head kind of battle for the spot in the WB tree. Being prepared strongly on the newest map " Sculpture" it was a dominant match by the THE squad and the final score of '7-2' was well deserved. Following up on 'insects's pick of "TMM Money" the squad had some trouble with the map, chiking it in the end with a '5-7' score. Luckily for Team insects the loss of the 2nd map for THE made them crumble, losing the laso map with a clean sweap in favour of 'Insects'.

'THE orange' was facing the squad of 'PkD' and they were for sure the underdog in this match. 'PkD' being at the moment probably the best team was definitely not an easy opponent and they showed this quickly. After having some problem starting off the team around 'Bobus and CicimaN' could not profit of it and 'pkD' strongly came back into the match, winning the first map with a '4-7' score. Picking 'TMM Money' then as second map by 'THE orange' did not turn out as a good choice either. Being unable to win the close rounds and being knocked down after first map it is 'PkD' Winning the map with a clean '0-7', sending the squad down to the Lower Bracket.

Switching to  the 'Challenger Bracket' it is time for 'THE pink' to show what they have got versus the Line-Up of 'Q-blue'. Starting off the match with a thriller on 'TMM Sculpture' it is 'oxiD ' and his squad taking home the first map, putting high pressure on 'Team Q'. The Pick of 'TMM Poco Loco' turned out to be a mistake by Team Q, suiting even more 'THE pink'. The close fight was decided in the last round before it would have been time for Tennis-mode and it was the 'Pinkies' who take home the second map, advancing their way through the Winner bracket.

While Pink was able to win their match, 'THE blue and orange' both dropped down to the Loser Bracket, having to play another match today.

Kicking off with 'THE orange' this time they were facing 'beGenius' who were having a strong line-Up just by the looks of it. 'TMM Sculpture' again being a map suiting the THE squad alot it was ' Default' who carried his team with a very sick performance to the '7-2' Victory on the first map. Picking' Poco Loco' as the second map of the match , 'beGenius' defnitely felt confident on it, showing that in the close battle on the map. Being a thriller until the last round, it was 'THE orange' who takes home the last round of the match, securing their spot in the 'TMM Tc 19 Playoffs' and moving on in the Loser Bracket.

Following orange it was 'THE blue' who were sure to not let anything happen besides them winning this match against the second LineUp of team Orks ' orKs red'. Showing their strength and dominance over their opponent it was a solid '7-1' victory on the first map. Secondly playing 'TMM Money' was a favourpick of the THE squad, stomping their opponent with a '7-0' and taking home the '2-0' overall victory.


Next week there will be 'THE pink' as the lonely team playing in the Winner Bracket while 'THE blue and orange' will face their opponents in the Lower Bracket of the 'Champions Bracket'.


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