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Tigray fuel crisis hampering food aid supply - US

Post by geemong » 04.08.2022 06:13:04

Tigray fuel crisis hampering food aid supply - US

The US has urged Ethiopia to allow "unrestricted access to fuel" in Tigray region in order for emergency aid to be distributed to areas low on food.

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It tweeted pictures that showed warehouses full of bags of grain that it says cannot be distributed because of fuel shortages.

"All this emergency food is ready to be distributed by Catholic Relief to Ethiopians in need in the Tigray region, but humanitarians are waiting for incoming fuel to transport it," the US embassy in Ethiopia said.

The embassy added: "Humanitarians need unrestricted access to fuel, cash and public services to transport it to those in need and continue saving lives."

Ethiopia has previously termed claims of fuel shortage in Tigray a myth.

Special envoys from the European Union and US are in the city of Mekelle, capital of Tigray, as part of international efforts to see a peaceful resolution to the 21-month-old civil war.
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