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What Could Gladiator 2 Be About?

Post by sinta mariam » 25.01.2023 16:57:39

While fresh Gladiator 2 headlines are coming to the fore, this is not the first time a premise for a Gladiator sequel has been touted. The titular Bad Seeds frontman Nick Cave was, in fact, the first to pen a Gladiator 2 script at leading man Russel Crowe's behest, with the final version amounting to a bizarre and fantastical multi-generational epic. Cave's Gladiator 2 draft sees Maximus initially languishing in purgatory before being resurrected by the Roman gods, who have become concerned with the rise of Christianity and demand Jesus' death. Despite his best efforts, Maximus predictably fails to kill the son of god, instead accidentally killing his own son, who, in a grim twist, is none other than Lucius (Lucilla's child). To compound this tale's left-field approach, Maximus' resurrection leaves him in a permanent, undying state, with the final 20 minutes of Cave's proposed Gladiator showing Maximus fighting in every major war through the centuries before ending with a shot of the legionnaire standing in modern-day New York. While Nick Cave himself has since stated he did not seriously expect this version of the Gladiator 2 story to be made, for a long time, this was the only Gladiator sequel to exist past idea form.

Lately, however, a less strange and more realistic version of Gladiator 2 seems likely to come to the fore. As first reported by Deadline in November 2018, a sequel penned by Top Gun: Maverick screenwriter Peter Craig has been met with approval from Ridley Scott. Doing away with the Maximus versus Christ scenario, Craig's more grounded Gladiator 2 instead focuses on Lucius, Lucilla's son, whose life has been profoundly influenced by Maximus' tutelage and actions 20 years prior as he rules over Rome. While details have remained scant since this brief announcement, Craig's Lucius-centric plot seems highly likely to be Ridley Scott's choice for Gladiator 2 moving forward.Passagiere der Nacht Ganzer Film DeutschBelle & Sebastian - Ein Sommer voller Abenteuer Ganzer FilmBillie Eilish: Live at the O2 streamingTill - Kampf um die Wahrheit Ganzer FilmElvis ganzer film deutsch kostenlos anschauenThe Son ganze filme deutsch kostenlosCaveman Ganzer Film onlineTides in deutsche online kinos André Rieu in Dublin DeutschlandClose ganzer film deutsch kostenlos anschauen
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