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The Scream Legacy Sequels Need To Evolve Beyond The Originals

Post by sinta mariam » 02.02.2023 18:30:33

More than any other slasher franchise, the Scream movies are thrillers as much as horror flicks. The next film is playing its cards close to the chest, and it will no doubt have major twists and turns. Assuming Kirby makes it out alive and Scream 7 happens, it would be surprising if she didn't continue with the series. Given how big a star Jenna Ortega has become since appearing in the fifth entry, producers will likely want her to stick around too. Nothing will replace the legacy characters of the original films, but focusing on the heroes of the current era is the only way the series can evolve.

The old wisdom of slasher sequels such as A Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday The 13th movies is that if a survivor returned for a sequel, they'd likely be killed off quickly. Not only would this allow for new characters to replace them, but it meant producers didn't have to increase the salary of returning actors. Of course, audiences become attached to those survivors, and Scream was one of the first to bring its protagonists back again and again. The new Scream movies need to start relying on their younger cast, and the absence of Campbell will be a big test to see fans react.TRENDING NOW:Billie Eilish: Live at the O2 Stream DeutschAcht Berge Stream DeutschAvatar 2 The Way of Water Stream DeutschWas man von hier aus sehen kann Stream DeutschBabylon – Rausch der Ekstase Stream DeutschClose Stream DeutschDas Hamlet-Syndrom Stream DeutschEin Mann Namens Otto Stream DeutschOperation Fortune Stream DeutschElvis Stream Deutsch
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