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TMM TC19 Playday 4

TMM TC19 Playday 4 - 3rd March 2019

Fourth playday of the ' Trackmania Master TC19 'and once again there were new opponents waiting fpo the three THE teams in order to gain some important points in the fight for the playoffseeds.

Starting off in a new way we will take a look at the match of 'THE pink' first.

They were the clear favourite in their match against 'p-void' and gave the first map 'TMM Allure  by nevermind' a quick end by winning it with a clear '7-0'. There is no better way to show your dominance by winning the first map flawless. The domination of 'THE pink' over their newly founded opponent should continue on the other maps. 'P-void' was able to steal some rounds on their pick as second map ' TMM Poco Loco " but being unable to win the whole map. '7-2' was the result and on the last map the result looked kinda similar, being '7-3' in the favour of ' THE pink' as well. 

Furthermore it was 'THE orange' who were the underdog in their match against 'Runtime'. 'Runtime' now being the favourite and highly motivated after their loss to 'THE blue' in the previous week. It was definitely not their plan to lose against two of the THE-teams and 'THE orange' now had the opportunity to show their strength and their newly gained motivation after their missed win last week against a strong 'ANE'. Starting off on 'TMM Allure' it was the favourite who showed what he has got and demonstrated their strength as soon as the match started. Despite being able to keep up with the times of everyone besides 'Zammy' from 'Runtime' there was no chance for 'Bobus, Tromi and kawi' to turn this map around and the result of '2-7' was deserved. Following with their pocket-pick after 'TMM Quest' was the banned map of 'Runtime' the squad was looking forward to succeeding on their pick in order to not lose the match on the second map already. Unfortunately the pocket-pick did not bring the expected result even tho 'bobus ' and 'default' played a good match but were unable to carry their team to the victory. Result of 'TMM Colder' '3-7'. Not giving up the hopes it was time for ' TMM Solaris' as the last map of the match. 'THE orange's opponent showed against 'THE blue' last week a good performance on it already and they were looking forward to winning it this time. The team around 'bobus' and 'saprr' were giving it all and gave the by gaming booster sponsored team around 'Zammy' and 'troLL' a very close fight, losing the map just in the very last round with a final result of '6-7' and on overall score of '11-21' at the end of the day.

Lastly it is time for 'THE blue' to keep their upswing of motivation from their previous match in order to win against their opponent 'ubiteam'. The team consisting of some well known players in the scene like ' yOyO' and 'Kronos' and many more other 'ex E-corp' players was definitely a strong and tough opponent. Despite the lack of players today the match was not moved and on 'deftime' it was time for 'eddie' and 'Sky' to shine and carry the team. First map being played and the tension could be seen in every round. The fact that there were 5!! draws shows that both teams were on an equal level. 'Eddie' lead the team succesfully to a victory on the first map, securing the result of '7-4'. 'TMM Quest' was the Map of choice to be banned as usual ( cuz, lets be real here. The map sucks hard ) and the next map of the match reads ' TMM Poco Loco'. With 'Kronos' having the current wold record on this map and 'yOyO' having a top5 dedi the team looked strong and oh boy did they show it. 'Eddie' was the only one being able to keep up with his opponents, topfragging the map and equalling 'Kronos' in the playerscores and therefore the result of '0-7' was well deserved. Losing the previous map flawlessly was definitely a shock to the team and on 'TMM Solaris' it was now time for 'Piranha!, Rambo, Shorty and eddie' to perform as a team in order to gain the matchwin. Starting off good and quickly securing the first 2 points it was 'ubiteam' who performed better and simply drove the squad against a wall. They continued to win rounds and in the end were albe to gain the mapwin as well, scoring '2-7' on the last map and overall '9-18'.

This week it was only 'THE pink' who were able to win their match and collect important points in the 'Group B'. The teams need to work on their performance again whilst especially 'THE orange' has to step up if they want to avoid falling into a deep hole with no escape and therefore continously lose matches. We will be prepared for our upcoming matches and we are looking forward to the prelast round of the 'TMM TC19 Groupstage'.

stay tuned!

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TMM TC19 Playday5

TMM TC19 Playday5 - 10th March 2019

Fifth round of the 'Trackmania Masters Team Competition 19' and our teams were preparing for their probably moost important upcoming matches.

Starting off with 'THE blue' and their match was 'Team Nerotec'. Kicking off the match with a solid '6-2' the team lost its focus and 'Nerotec' came back strongly, beating the team in every following round and winning the map with a '6-7'. Picking 'TMM Allure' second the team again started off strongly with a '6-3' lead. Despite losing their focus again, the team managed to take home the 2nd map in the final round. Last map being 'TMM Colder' it was 'THE blue' who looked really strong, dominating the map and ending the match with a '7-1' , overall winning '2-1' and '20-14'.


Following up it was 'THE orange' who were facing a rather easy opponent named 'Dawns eSport'. The underdog showed that u should definitely not underestimate them and started strongly into the first map. The team managed to recover and take home the first map with a '7-4' score. After losing first map 'Dawns' lost his focus and struggled hard while not managing to keep up with the team around 'Bobus and tromi'. losing both following maps with '7-0' score.


Lastly it was time for 'THE pink' and their match versus ' A New Era 2'. The team was in need of a win and therefore it was no other choice than giving the match all they have got. After winning the first Map 'TMM Velocity' with a '7-4' the pick of 'TMM Poco-Loco' by 'ANE2' was a  a surprise for the THE bois and made them lose the map '3-7'. Last map of the day was 'TMM Colder' and 'THE pink' was more than prepared on the map. The match went quick and the team took home a solid '7-3' win and an overall '2-1' victory in their important match.


Next week there will be more Matches awaiting our Teams in the last Round of the 'Groupstage'.

stay tuned.

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TMM TC19 Playday6

TMM TC19 Playday6 - 17th March 2019

Last week of the 'Groupstage' of the 'TMM TC19' and therefore the last 3 matches for our teams before all of them will enter the 'Playoffs' in both, the 'Champions- and the Lower Bracket'.


Starting off today with 'THE pink' and their tough match versus the first team of 'ANE'. After beating their second Line-up last week 'ANE' wanted to make sure, that 'THE pink' will not win their match today. With these things being said the team had no room to breath while being stuck in a hard match on the 1st maps ' Money and Poco Loco' . Both maps started off well but it was the squad of 'ANE' which takes home both maps and therefore secures the win of todays match.

'THE orange'was facing the Line-Up of 'DacSP blue' and they were well prepared in order to secure their chance on recieving a spot in the 'Championship Bracket'. Dominating the first map 'TMM Money' and winning it with a '7-1' score the team did not let anything else happen besides them winning the match and the further maps. 'TMM Solaris' and 'TMM velocity' definitely seemed like the wrong picks by 'dacSP' and went definitely in the favour of 'THE orange' and the team safely took home a clear '3-0' victory.

Lastly it is time to talk about 'THE blue' and their match versus a well known opponent 'Venture'. Knowing about their safe spot in the upper Playoff bracket the team around 'Shorty, eddie and Piranha!' did not have any pressure and therefore took it easy today. After their opponent completely dominated the squad on the first map 'TMM Money' the team lost its focus and did not manage to come back into the match, giving away the following maps ' TMM Poco Loco and TMM Solaris' as well. 


Next week the 'Playoffs' start and all three of our teams will be prepard for their upcoming matches in the Playoff Phase.

stay tuned!

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TMM TC19 Playoffs 1st Playday

TMM TC19 Playoffs 1st Playday - 24th March 2019

Groupstage of the 'Trackmania Masters TC19' is finished and all three THE teams are heading into the Playoffs while 'THE blue and orange' will be competing in the 'Champions Bracket' due to their top5 and top8 finishes in the GroupB ,'THE pink' will compete in the 'Challenger Bracket'.

Starting off with the Winner Bracket Matches this time.

'THE blue' was facing the team of 'insects' and it was looking to be a head to head kind of battle for the spot in the WB tree. Being prepared strongly on the newest map " Sculpture" it was a dominant match by the THE squad and the final score of '7-2' was well deserved. Following up on 'insects's pick of "TMM Money" the squad had some trouble with the map, chiking it in the end with a '5-7' score. Luckily for Team insects the loss of the 2nd map for THE made them crumble, losing the laso map with a clean sweap in favour of 'Insects'.

'THE orange' was facing the squad of 'PkD' and they were for sure the underdog in this match. 'PkD' being at the moment probably the best team was definitely not an easy opponent and they showed this quickly. After having some problem starting off the team around 'Bobus and CicimaN' could not profit of it and 'pkD' strongly came back into the match, winning the first map with a '4-7' score. Picking 'TMM Money' then as second map by 'THE orange' did not turn out as a good choice either. Being unable to win the close rounds and being knocked down after first map it is 'PkD' Winning the map with a clean '0-7', sending the squad down to the Lower Bracket.

Switching to  the 'Challenger Bracket' it is time for 'THE pink' to show what they have got versus the Line-Up of 'Q-blue'. Starting off the match with a thriller on 'TMM Sculpture' it is 'oxiD ' and his squad taking home the first map, putting high pressure on 'Team Q'. The Pick of 'TMM Poco Loco' turned out to be a mistake by Team Q, suiting even more 'THE pink'. The close fight was decided in the last round before it would have been time for Tennis-mode and it was the 'Pinkies' who take home the second map, advancing their way through the Winner bracket.

While Pink was able to win their match, 'THE blue and orange' both dropped down to the Loser Bracket, having to play another match today.

Kicking off with 'THE orange' this time they were facing 'beGenius' who were having a strong line-Up just by the looks of it. 'TMM Sculpture' again being a map suiting the THE squad alot it was ' Default' who carried his team with a very sick performance to the '7-2' Victory on the first map. Picking' Poco Loco' as the second map of the match , 'beGenius' defnitely felt confident on it, showing that in the close battle on the map. Being a thriller until the last round, it was 'THE orange' who takes home the last round of the match, securing their spot in the 'TMM Tc 19 Playoffs' and moving on in the Loser Bracket.

Following orange it was 'THE blue' who were sure to not let anything happen besides them winning this match against the second LineUp of team Orks ' orKs red'. Showing their strength and dominance over their opponent it was a solid '7-1' victory on the first map. Secondly playing 'TMM Money' was a favourpick of the THE squad, stomping their opponent with a '7-0' and taking home the '2-0' overall victory.


Next week there will be 'THE pink' as the lonely team playing in the Winner Bracket while 'THE blue and orange' will face their opponents in the Lower Bracket of the 'Champions Bracket'.


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TMM TC19 Playoffs 2nd Playday

TMM TC19 Playoffs 2nd Playday - 31st March 2019

Second round of the 'TMM TC19 Playoffs' and it is time for all 3 of our teams to head into their next matches. 

'THE pink' were the only THE team still in a Winner Bracket wherefore they were more than prepared for their upcoming match versus the squad 'THC'.

This match was one hell of a thriller. It was more like a Drama in 3 Acts but we will start off as usual with the first map of the day, 'TMM friendly Fire'. The map having a supertight start and a risky ending would definitely promise some nice and close rounds and both teams had their up and downs. Being a back and forth while switching the lead multiple times it is 'THC' who are taking home their first point after winning the decisive round in tennis mode '8-6'. Following up after the ban of 'TMM Allure' it is 'TMM Sculpture' next up on the list. Having again a back and forth 'THC' were unable to use their upswing from the first map and lost their focus while 'THE pink' was able to secure the decisive rounds, winning the map with a '7-4' score and forcing the third and final Map of the day, ' TMM  Money'. The focus of both teams was gone and u could clearly tell that. The ratio of mistakes increased compared to the first two maps and both teams struggled with finishing their safe rounds, forcing draws and many rounds. Despite going to tennis-mode it is 'Itruo, Javzo and Tankrom' all securing almost 100 points in Playerscores. After 20 rounds on the map the squad stumbled and 'THC' pushed through the final last rounds and wins the map with a '12-10' and '2-1' final score.

Shifting the focus now into the ' Lower Bracket'.

'THE blue' were awaiting their match versus 'MnM Main'. Both teams need to win in order to not get knocked out of the 'TMM TC19 Playoffs'. First map being ' TMM Friendly Fire' started off quite nice. With many close rounds and unfortunate chokes it is ' MnM' who are taking home the first map with '4-7' score. Secondly picking 'TMM Allure' as a pocket pick by the team, it definitely surprised  the team around' Kulvi, servi and Alexo0r' despite being a map built by their member 'nevermind'  'Speedy' was definitely carrying his team on this map and secured many out of the 14 rounds for his team. But singlehandedly carrying a team does not always work out, wherefore it is 'THE blue' with their members' DexteR, eddie, Rambo and Piranha!" taking home the second map and forcing the last map to be 'TMM Sculpture'. Having high hopes on the victory the squad was ready to finish this match with a strong performance. Unfortunately it was only 'DexteR' who showed a very strong performance, finishing two times a .5x ( .55 and .52) in the match while being let alone by the other members. In the end it is 'MnM Main' taking home the map and the match due to their team performance and knocking out 'THE blue' out of the TMM TC19.

Last but not least it is time to speak about 'THE orange' and their match versus 'Ubiteam'. 'Ubi' beating 'THE blue' in the Groupstage already was now ready to beat the second out of the three THE teams as well after their unfortunate loss against 'team insects' in the upperbracket.  'Ubiteam' showing their strength on the first map and dominating the team around 'default and BobuS', taking home a deserved win on ' TMM Friendly Fire'. Following up with 'TMM Allure' the team was hoping for a quick recovery with a solid performance. Unfortunate for the squad it was not the best pick they could've done. Failing to find their way into the map and being unable to regu properly the loss is no surprise and 'Ubiteam' is taking home the '2-0' victory, kicking 'THE orange'out of the 'Trackmania Master TC19'.


With these three defeats the 'Trackmania Masters TC19' ends for our teams. Overall it was an interesting TMM. Having all three teams in the same group and losing focus at the start of the playoffs in 'THE blue and orange' was an interesting and sad experience and we now enjoy the days off and will be ready with new and motivated squad to tackle the next teamcompetition!

cyaatlan <3


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