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TMM TC19 Playday1

TMM TC19 Playday1 - 10th February 2019

Today was the first Playday of the Groupstage of the 'Trackmania Masters TC19'  and all of our Teams were hyped and prepared for their upcoming clashes on the maps.


Kicking it off with 'THE blue' and their match against 'CrystalGaming'. The squad around the new captain ' DexteR' was the clear Favourite in this match despite their rather poor Qualification seed. They started strong and finished the 1st map nice and quick with a clean '7-0'. Having the upswing of the first map and the confidence the match was quickly over and ended in a '21-0' score for our team. 


Following their teammates it was 'THE orange' s turn to show their strength with their newly added players 'Era ' and 'zBurst'. The opponent of 'dacSP' had high hopes on  winning todays match but it did not go quite in their favour. After a '7-0' win on the first map ' TMM Colder ' The squad was hyped and willing to continue their journey of wins. Despite not keeping up with their performance on the first map and giving away 2 rounds on the 2nd map and 1 round on the 3rd map the team showed a solid performance , winning the match in the end. '21-3' is  the final score.


Lastly we talk about our third squad 'THE pink'. Having the best seed out of the three THE teams definitely boosted their confidence and that could clearly be seen in the performance. Even tho some players had to leave the lineup during the week they managed to beat 'elmt white'. After the first map it was clear to see who is the favourite here and 'THE pink' just went on not giving their opponent a chance. '21-0' is the result in the end.


Starting off 'TMM TC19' with 3 clear victories feels good and gives the whole team and every squad  a big upswing for the upcoming weeks and matches. We will stay focussed in order to not lose the freshly gained momentum!


stay tuned!

THE-R4V3R   11. February 2019    00:18    Trackmania, Competition    2    5020

TMM TC19 Playday2

TMM TC19 Playday2 - 17th February 2019

New week and therefore new matches awaited our teasm this week in the 'Trackmania Masters TC19' and we were prepared more than ever to continue journey towards the 'Playoffs'.


This time we are starting it off with 'THE orange'  because it was DERBY-TIME! 'THE orange' faced their intern competitor 'THE pink'. Both teams had a secret strategy and even tho the second squad might look stronger, the whole TEAM of THE was cheering for 'pink' to win this derby and show everyone what they are capable of.  Both teams trained hard and gave each other a good battle and some close rounds. On the first map 'Solaris²' it was the favourite who took home that mappoint with a very strong performance and especially 'Tromi' played a strong match and carried his team to the '7-2' victory.  After the first loss the team around 'Focus' and 'Oxid' had to choose their next map wisely and maybe even take a pocket pick in order to make their opponents stumble to take advantage of it. 'TMM Colder' was the chosen map but the hoped stumble did not happen.  'Era ' and 'Default' were the hurdles in the way of 'pink' who made, even after a comeback at the end , this map go in the favour of the favourite again. '7-4' was the result of the second map. The match was now lost for the underdog and the third was more of a funevent. 'THE orange' stayed strong and took home a '3-0' with a overall score of '21-8'.


The first squad around 'eddie and Piranha!' was facing the team of 'Dawns' and were the clear favourite as well. After a strong first map the team was in the flow and brought the match to a quick end. The final result was '21-2' with giving away two rounds to the opponent on the second map "TMM Colder".


The DERBY was the highlight of todays matchday even tho the underdog unfortunately could not win it. All 3 teams are still in the race for the 'Playoffs' and will focus on training in order to win their next matches.

stay tuned!

THE-R4V3R   17. February 2019    22:57    Trackmania, Competition    0    4801

TMM TC19 Playday3

TMM TC19 Playday3 - 24th February 2019

Third week of the ' Trackmania Masters Team Competition' and again it was time for our teams to show their performance against three new opponents. 


The ' Match of the week' award goes to 'THE blue' in this week by facing a well known competitior for the spots in the Top8: Runtime. Luckily for our squad 'DexteR' had a week off of TMGL and could participate in this important match. Both teams were ready and prepared for this battle and it was one hell of a fight on 'TMM Poco-Loco³' having rounds where only .15 seperated the first and seventh place in finish. Despite the poor and weak performance by 'MoppeL' who only scored 35 out of 104 points on the map the team managed to carry him and secure the 1st victory. '7-4' After the initial ban of ' TMM Quest' by the THE-squad it was 'Runtime' who surprised by picking ' TMM Solaris²'. Their plan started good and 'Runtime' managed to secure the first few rounds, putting even more pressure on the team. They could recover properly and after some early struggles the map went in their favour as well, winning it with a final score of '7-4' and securing the win for todays matchday. Final Mapchoice by 'Runtime' Was 'TMM- Maranello' which was supposed to be the strongest map of both teams and therefore looked promising to some nice rounds. The hopes were fulfilled and it was a really close match ending in the Final round of the match with a score of '7-6' in the favour of 'THE blue'. 

Following the first LineUp it was 'THE orange' who were looking forward to continuing their winstreak against ' A new Era'. 'ANE' being an tough opponent and the favourite in this match was putting already more than enough pressure on the underdogs who struggled to find into the match. Many rounds did not go as planned and the opponent took advantage of that, winning the first with a strong '2-7'. Picking ' TMM Solaris' now was the map picked , hoping to embrace the monument again and leading 'THE orange' back into the match. Unfortunately and despite the good times by ' tromi' and 'kawi' the team could not quite handle the pressure and was unable to keep up with a strong 'ANE'. Score of this map '2-7'. Lastly it was ' TMM Colder' and even tho the match was already lost, the team wanted to show what they've got as well.  Managing to gain one round after another the last map of the match was like in the match of 'THE blue' being decided in the last round. The team gave 'ANE' a good fight and managed to win the last and decisive round. '7-6' is the score.


Last but not least it was once again time for 'THE pink' and their performance in the match. Losing the THE-Derby in the last week to 'THE orange' definitely did put the team down but it was time to handle it like a pro and focus on the upcoming match against 'THC'. On the first map it is needlesly to say that this was not a good performance by the team. Only 'OxiD' was able to keep up with their opponent on the first map which lead to an early end and an more or less deserved '0-7' for 'THC. Even tho the team could pick the second map after the first ban of the match the struggel to find momentum and get into the match was good big, giving 'THC' again an ease taking home the second map as well with a score of '2-7'. The match was lost already and the last map ' TMM Colder' was being played and 'THE pink' was hoping on a small comeback like 'THE orange' did it, but that would not happen today. The opponent did not let loose winning the last map as well . Final score on ' TMM Colder' was '3-7'. The team is at a down at the moment and this is definitely not what they were looking for in this early stage of the 'TMM TC19'. Only time will tell if they will be able to recover from it and perform good again in their upcoming matches.


This week had a rather sad result , only having 'THE blue' winning their match. All three teams will continue to train and prepare for the next week and especially 'THE orange' and 'THE pink' will work on their current form in order to still secure the entry into the 'Playoffs' after the Groupstage and we are looking forward to the next matches and some good performances by all TEAMS! 


stay tuned!

THE-R4V3R   24. February 2019    23:35    Trackmania, Competition    0    4906

TMM TC19 Playday 4

TMM TC19 Playday 4 - 3rd March 2019

Fourth playday of the ' Trackmania Master TC19 'and once again there were new opponents waiting fpo the three THE teams in order to gain some important points in the fight for the playoffseeds.

Starting off in a new way we will take a look at the match of 'THE pink' first.

They were the clear favourite in their match against 'p-void' and gave the first map 'TMM Allure  by nevermind' a quick end by winning it with a clear '7-0'. There is no better way to show your dominance by winning the first map flawless. The domination of 'THE pink' over their newly founded opponent should continue on the other maps. 'P-void' was able to steal some rounds on their pick as second map ' TMM Poco Loco " but being unable to win the whole map. '7-2' was the result and on the last map the result looked kinda similar, being '7-3' in the favour of ' THE pink' as well. 

Furthermore it was 'THE orange' who were the underdog in their match against 'Runtime'. 'Runtime' now being the favourite and highly motivated after their loss to 'THE blue' in the previous week. It was definitely not their plan to lose against two of the THE-teams and 'THE orange' now had the opportunity to show their strength and their newly gained motivation after their missed win last week against a strong 'ANE'. Starting off on 'TMM Allure' it was the favourite who showed what he has got and demonstrated their strength as soon as the match started. Despite being able to keep up with the times of everyone besides 'Zammy' from 'Runtime' there was no chance for 'Bobus, Tromi and kawi' to turn this map around and the result of '2-7' was deserved. Following with their pocket-pick after 'TMM Quest' was the banned map of 'Runtime' the squad was looking forward to succeeding on their pick in order to not lose the match on the second map already. Unfortunately the pocket-pick did not bring the expected result even tho 'bobus ' and 'default' played a good match but were unable to carry their team to the victory. Result of 'TMM Colder' '3-7'. Not giving up the hopes it was time for ' TMM Solaris' as the last map of the match. 'THE orange's opponent showed against 'THE blue' last week a good performance on it already and they were looking forward to winning it this time. The team around 'bobus' and 'saprr' were giving it all and gave the by gaming booster sponsored team around 'Zammy' and 'troLL' a very close fight, losing the map just in the very last round with a final result of '6-7' and on overall score of '11-21' at the end of the day.

Lastly it is time for 'THE blue' to keep their upswing of motivation from their previous match in order to win against their opponent 'ubiteam'. The team consisting of some well known players in the scene like ' yOyO' and 'Kronos' and many more other 'ex E-corp' players was definitely a strong and tough opponent. Despite the lack of players today the match was not moved and on 'deftime' it was time for 'eddie' and 'Sky' to shine and carry the team. First map being played and the tension could be seen in every round. The fact that there were 5!! draws shows that both teams were on an equal level. 'Eddie' lead the team succesfully to a victory on the first map, securing the result of '7-4'. 'TMM Quest' was the Map of choice to be banned as usual ( cuz, lets be real here. The map sucks hard ) and the next map of the match reads ' TMM Poco Loco'. With 'Kronos' having the current wold record on this map and 'yOyO' having a top5 dedi the team looked strong and oh boy did they show it. 'Eddie' was the only one being able to keep up with his opponents, topfragging the map and equalling 'Kronos' in the playerscores and therefore the result of '0-7' was well deserved. Losing the previous map flawlessly was definitely a shock to the team and on 'TMM Solaris' it was now time for 'Piranha!, Rambo, Shorty and eddie' to perform as a team in order to gain the matchwin. Starting off good and quickly securing the first 2 points it was 'ubiteam' who performed better and simply drove the squad against a wall. They continued to win rounds and in the end were albe to gain the mapwin as well, scoring '2-7' on the last map and overall '9-18'.

This week it was only 'THE pink' who were able to win their match and collect important points in the 'Group B'. The teams need to work on their performance again whilst especially 'THE orange' has to step up if they want to avoid falling into a deep hole with no escape and therefore continously lose matches. We will be prepared for our upcoming matches and we are looking forward to the prelast round of the 'TMM TC19 Groupstage'.

stay tuned!

THE-R4V3R   04. March 2019    03:21    Trackmania, Competition    0    4897

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