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TMM TC19 Playoffs 2nd Playday

TMM TC19 Playoffs 2nd Playday - 31st March 2019

Second round of the 'TMM TC19 Playoffs' and it is time for all 3 of our teams to head into their next matches. 

'THE pink' were the only THE team still in a Winner Bracket wherefore they were more than prepared for their upcoming match versus the squad 'THC'.

This match was one hell of a thriller. It was more like a Drama in 3 Acts but we will start off as usual with the first map of the day, 'TMM friendly Fire'. The map having a supertight start and a risky ending would definitely promise some nice and close rounds and both teams had their up and downs. Being a back and forth while switching the lead multiple times it is 'THC' who are taking home their first point after winning the decisive round in tennis mode '8-6'. Following up after the ban of 'TMM Allure' it is 'TMM Sculpture' next up on the list. Having again a back and forth 'THC' were unable to use their upswing from the first map and lost their focus while 'THE pink' was able to secure the decisive rounds, winning the map with a '7-4' score and forcing the third and final Map of the day, ' TMM  Money'. The focus of both teams was gone and u could clearly tell that. The ratio of mistakes increased compared to the first two maps and both teams struggled with finishing their safe rounds, forcing draws and many rounds. Despite going to tennis-mode it is 'Itruo, Javzo and Tankrom' all securing almost 100 points in Playerscores. After 20 rounds on the map the squad stumbled and 'THC' pushed through the final last rounds and wins the map with a '12-10' and '2-1' final score.

Shifting the focus now into the ' Lower Bracket'.

'THE blue' were awaiting their match versus 'MnM Main'. Both teams need to win in order to not get knocked out of the 'TMM TC19 Playoffs'. First map being ' TMM Friendly Fire' started off quite nice. With many close rounds and unfortunate chokes it is ' MnM' who are taking home the first map with '4-7' score. Secondly picking 'TMM Allure' as a pocket pick by the team, it definitely surprised  the team around' Kulvi, servi and Alexo0r' despite being a map built by their member 'nevermind'  'Speedy' was definitely carrying his team on this map and secured many out of the 14 rounds for his team. But singlehandedly carrying a team does not always work out, wherefore it is 'THE blue' with their members' DexteR, eddie, Rambo and Piranha!" taking home the second map and forcing the last map to be 'TMM Sculpture'. Having high hopes on the victory the squad was ready to finish this match with a strong performance. Unfortunately it was only 'DexteR' who showed a very strong performance, finishing two times a .5x ( .55 and .52) in the match while being let alone by the other members. In the end it is 'MnM Main' taking home the map and the match due to their team performance and knocking out 'THE blue' out of the TMM TC19.

Last but not least it is time to speak about 'THE orange' and their match versus 'Ubiteam'. 'Ubi' beating 'THE blue' in the Groupstage already was now ready to beat the second out of the three THE teams as well after their unfortunate loss against 'team insects' in the upperbracket.  'Ubiteam' showing their strength on the first map and dominating the team around 'default and BobuS', taking home a deserved win on ' TMM Friendly Fire'. Following up with 'TMM Allure' the team was hoping for a quick recovery with a solid performance. Unfortunate for the squad it was not the best pick they could've done. Failing to find their way into the map and being unable to regu properly the loss is no surprise and 'Ubiteam' is taking home the '2-0' victory, kicking 'THE orange'out of the 'Trackmania Master TC19'.


With these three defeats the 'Trackmania Masters TC19' ends for our teams. Overall it was an interesting TMM. Having all three teams in the same group and losing focus at the start of the playoffs in 'THE blue and orange' was an interesting and sad experience and we now enjoy the days off and will be ready with new and motivated squad to tackle the next teamcompetition!

cyaatlan <3


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