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TMM TC19 Playday2

TMM TC19 Playday2 - 17th February 2019

New week and therefore new matches awaited our teasm this week in the 'Trackmania Masters TC19' and we were prepared more than ever to continue journey towards the 'Playoffs'.


This time we are starting it off with 'THE orange'  because it was DERBY-TIME! 'THE orange' faced their intern competitor 'THE pink'. Both teams had a secret strategy and even tho the second squad might look stronger, the whole TEAM of THE was cheering for 'pink' to win this derby and show everyone what they are capable of.  Both teams trained hard and gave each other a good battle and some close rounds. On the first map 'Solaris²' it was the favourite who took home that mappoint with a very strong performance and especially 'Tromi' played a strong match and carried his team to the '7-2' victory.  After the first loss the team around 'Focus' and 'Oxid' had to choose their next map wisely and maybe even take a pocket pick in order to make their opponents stumble to take advantage of it. 'TMM Colder' was the chosen map but the hoped stumble did not happen.  'Era ' and 'Default' were the hurdles in the way of 'pink' who made, even after a comeback at the end , this map go in the favour of the favourite again. '7-4' was the result of the second map. The match was now lost for the underdog and the third was more of a funevent. 'THE orange' stayed strong and took home a '3-0' with a overall score of '21-8'.


The first squad around 'eddie and Piranha!' was facing the team of 'Dawns' and were the clear favourite as well. After a strong first map the team was in the flow and brought the match to a quick end. The final result was '21-2' with giving away two rounds to the opponent on the second map "TMM Colder".


The DERBY was the highlight of todays matchday even tho the underdog unfortunately could not win it. All 3 teams are still in the race for the 'Playoffs' and will focus on training in order to win their next matches.

stay tuned!

THE-R4V3R   17. February 2019    22:57    Trackmania, Competition    0    4496

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