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Ring of Fire Card Game Rules

Post by cocona » 20.11.2023 03:51:03

Ring of Fire Card Game Rules As the game depends on the cards drawn and what they indicate, pg168 เครดิตฟรี 50 there are some rules associated with each card. The general rules and instructions of all cards are mentioned below. Players can of course change them and decide mutually to spice things up. 

○ Ace – Ace has the meaning – Waterfall. The player who drew the Ace card starts to drink. The player to the left drinks. When to stop drinking depends on the first player to drink. When they stop, only then can the player to the left can stop and so on for the rest of the players. 
○ Two – Two is equal to give. The player who draw a 2 card will choose any other player to drink. 
○ Three – Three is Me. The player who drew the card drinks. 
○ Four – When someone draws a four card, all the female players have to drink. 
○ Five – This is similar to Seven. Player drawing a five can put their thumb on the table whenever they wish to during the game. All other players have to follow the same. The player who is last to put their thumb on the table has to take a drink. 
○ Six – When a player draws this card, all the Male players have to drink up. 
○ Seven – Player drawing a Seven will raise their hands at any point in the game. All the other players have to do so too. The player who is last to raise their hands has to drink up. 
○ Eight – Player drawing an eight will have to choose a player as a mate. Whenever one of them drinks, the other has to drink too through out the game. If again any of them draw an eight, they have to include a third mate who will again drink whenever the other two do and vice versa. 
○ Nine – Player drawing a nine card will say a word and the other players have to name words that rhyme with that word. The player who fails to name a rhyming word takes a drink.
○ Ten – The player who draws a Ten will name a Category. Other players have to say different words that fit into that category. The player who fails to name such a word has to drink. 
○ Jack – When a player draws a Jack, they have to make a new rule that all players have to follow. The player who does not follow the rule must take a drink. 
○ Queen – When a player draws a queen, they ask questions to other players. But those players have to reply with questions only and not answers. If a player answers the questions asked, they have to take a drink. 
○ King – All players pour a little of their drink into the cup at the center. This drink is then taken by the player who draws the last King. And here the game ends. 
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Post by KRD » 24.11.2023 05:14:52

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